It’s always an exciting day when we have new fabrics to play with, and Luum Textiles’ latest Rare Earth collection gives us even more to celebrate!

The Inspiration:

Designed by Suzanne Tick,  Rare Earth is a collection of four upholstery and multipurpose textiles inspired by nature’s color and texture. Using recycled, renewable, local and biodegradable (Yes, BIODEGRADABLE!) fiber technology, Rare Earth displays a new way forward with a lighter footprint

This environmentally-focused collection highlights the importance of nature in our everyday lives as we find new ways to work, live, and communicate. The goal? To reflect both on the physical impact humans have made on the environment from overconsumption and on the physical impact that climate change has on us in return.

Watch the Rare Earth Launch Video to learn more about how designer Suzanne Tick developed the concepts behind this gorgeous new fabric series.

The Patterns:

Mitered – a large-scale linear pattern inspired by modern agriculture and the bright colors of San Francisco’s salt flats. Made from North American melange wool yarn, upcycled cotton, and polyester, Mitered’s multi-color motifs recall classic wool textiles with a contemporary twist. Its bold multi-colored motifs are sure to make a statement in collaborative, lounge, and task settings.

Ecotone – a classic twill with the look of traditional wool but made from recycled, biodegradable polyester fiber technology. The result is a multipurpose textile that is bleach-cleanable, durable, and versatile for use on screens, panels, wrapped walls, and upholstery alike.

Photogram – a highly textural pattern featuring rich boucle yarn to represent the patterns of scattered human movement. Photogram’s three-color construction made from recycled and bleach cleanable yarns creates a large-scale motif that boasts elegance and performance.

Haptic – a multi-color textural fabric inspire by natural tones and earthen minerals. Haptic’s simple, balanced structure combines with bleach cleanable performance to become the perfect complement to larger scaled patterns in a variety of commercial spaces.

The Details:

The Rare Earth Series is available now on the Luum website, where you can find specification details, colorways, and pricing.

Contact our team today for samples or to set up an appointment to see this beautiful collection of high performance and sustainable materials.